St Bernadette Catholic Primary School

Winter wellness directory 2022-23

Is your family struggling to make ends meet as a result of the cost of living crisis?


We are currently in a cost-of living crisis and we are very aware that some of our families are really struggling.


A recent poll by the GLA found some worrying statistics:


• 30% of Londoners are ‘just about managing’

• 20% of Londoners are ‘financially struggling’

• 20% of lower income Londoners have gone without food

or essential items or relied on external support in the last six months


We would like to collate a list of families who need support so that when we have access to resources we can signpost our families to these resources. I appreciate that this can be difficult information to share but we would love to be able to help. We occasionally have access to support from local charities such as the St Vincent De Paul society which is based at St Bernadette’s church.


I am therefore asking families to share with us if they would appreciate us signposting them to support as it is offered to us as a school. This information will be kept completely confidential within the well-being team at school which includes Miss Simpson, Mrs Vass and myself. I urge you to either contact Mrs Acres directly or email if you would be grateful of any help we can offer your family during these financially challenging times.


H4All have created an online Winter Wellbeing directory for 2022/23 – please find it attached.


The directory includes:


  • Government Scheme
  • Council Help
  • Debt and budgeting advice
  • Household bills and appliances
  • Self-care and Mental Health support.
  • Local support groups
  • Local food banks