St Bernadette Catholic Primary School

Online Safety

In today's modern world online safety is paramount to ensure that our children are vigilant and responsible users of technology and the internet. Our stance on online safety is to take a whole-school approach that is not addressed in isolation. Deep cross-curricular links that embed the different aspects of online safety make these experiences real and relevant for our pupils.  

Online Safety in primary schools is referred to in 3 separate documents

  • Education for a Connected World (2020)

  • Teaching online safety in school (2019)

  • Life to the Full (RSE Curriculum)


Each year group has objectives from the 8 strands of online safety

  • Image and Self Identity

  • Online Relationships

  • Online Reputation

  • Online Bullying

  • Managing online information

  • Health wellbeing and lifestyle

  • Privacy and security

  • Copyright and ownership

At St Bernadette's we use ProjectEvolve resources to ensure we have a robust, relevant, and research-based offer for online safety. ProjectEVOLVE resources each of the 330 statements from UK Council for Internet Safety's (UKCIS) framework “Education for a Connected World” with perspectives; research; activities; outcomes; supporting resources and professional development materials. 

From the ProjectEVOLVE resources, we have created our own bespoke progression documents that suit our pupils, curriculum, and community. Below you will find what each year group covers in online safety lessons.