St Bernadette Catholic Primary School

Our Mission

St Bernadette School takes us on a journey where we learn to value ourselves and each other with Christ as our guide.


Our Values

C  H   I   T

Caring   Honest   Respectful   Inspiring   Spiritual   Tolerant




"Learning with Christ as our guide"


At St Bernadette Catholic Primary School we inspire, teach and nurture our children to be the role models of the future through making responsible choices about how they live their life and how they contribute to their community whether that be locally, nationally or globally.


The Gospel values of Jesus Christ underlie the whole curriculum and empower our children on their journey.


Our curriculum is rich in knowledge and designed to meet the needs of the children in our school. We provide an ambitious, inclusive curriculum that allows children to excel academically. This equips them with the aspirations, knowledge, skills and cultural capital to succeed in life.


We instil the principles of Catholic Social Teaching and British values to ensure pupils are prepared to take responsibility for their place in the wider world.




At St Bernadette School we seek to give children roots to grow and wings to fly.