St Bernadette Catholic Primary School

Eco warriors

‘Climate change is a global problem …. Young People demand change.’ Pope Francis


In July 2019 we took part in Cafod’s Zero to Hero campaign. We learnt about how the world is changing because of climate change and the impact it is already having in some countries. The Governments of the world need to act fast.

We can also do something about climate change in our own lives. We can make small changes every day, such as reducing our energy use, recycling more and cutting out car journeys where possible.

As a result of our participation in this campaign we decided to empower our children to affect change through creating an eco-warriors group. The eco-warriors at St Bernadettes are leading the school in identifying what changes we can make as community to help put a stop to climate change.

Eco – Team Action Plan




By when


Led by

To create school Eco-Code for all children to follow

To research and write school eco code and share with all classes

Autumn Term 2019


Rosie, Elisa, Ava

To stop the use of single use plastic water bottles in school

Write a letter to parents informing them of decision

October half term 2019




To reduce the amount of paper being used in school

1.Find out how much paper we use

2. Recycling tray in each class

3. Posters in photocopy room to remind teachers

Spring Term 2020


Lena and Katie

Bella and Angel


To recycle all paper which cannot be reused

All classes, offices and staffroom to have a recycling bin

Autumn term bins in place.





To reduce amount of electricity/energy wasted in school


1.Class room light check at break/lunch

2.Each class to have a light monitor

3.Design sign to put above light switch as a reminder

4.Monitor to ensure external doors are closed at end of break/lunch time

1st week after half term


Ongoing with half termly checks by eco team


All of eco team on rotation


To improve the school grounds by ensuring no waste on the ground

Weekly litter pick – order gloves and litter pickers



Eco team on rotation


Date: October 2019


Other actions to be considered:

  • Assembly for national Recycling week
  • Speak to Miss O’Dea about bird feeders and planting for wildlife