St Bernadette Catholic Primary School

Curriculum Intent

The curriculum of St Bernadette School is closely tied to our school vision ‘to give children roots to grow and wings to fly’. The Gospel values of Jesus Christ underlie the whole curriculum. The curriculum is taught in a creative and interesting way, that enables all children to achieve well and to gain significant knowledge and understanding of the world they live in.


The curriculum of St Bernadette School has been designed to ensure that links are made between topics in order to develop skills, knowledge and a real life understanding. Opportunities have been planned to enable outdoor learning and where appropriate to use the local area and London to provide the children with experiences that will remain with them in the future.


The use of metacognition enables the children to know themselves as a learner. It enables the children to have an understanding of how they learn and therefore provide them with strategies to secure their learning.


At St Bernadette School the curriculum recognises the benefits of new technology in education and in daily life. Where it will enhance the children’s learning and their engagement in lessons, technology is used.


The curriculum has been planned to enable the children to develop the following attributes through their time at St Bernadette School:

  • a passion for learning
  • to be resilient – able to cope with challenge and change
  • to be independent and able to self- manage
  • to have self- belief and self confidence
  • to be able to work collaboratively
  • to be creative
  • to be a problem solver in their learning and in their relationships with others
  • to be practical
  • to value everyone and celebrate difference
  • to be able to communicate confidently and express emotions