St Bernadette Catholic Primary School

Music specialism

Music teaching takes place across the whole school from Nursery to Year 6 covering the core skills of listening, performing and composing. 


Teachers in each year group use the Charanga musical school scheme. In line with the curriculum for music and guidance from Ofsted, this scheme supports an integrated, practical, exploratory and child-led approach to musical learning. The music curriculum encourages the development of musical skills as the learning progresses through listening and appraising, differing musical activities (including creating and exploring) and performing. We are incredibly fortunate to have Mr Nicholls as our specialist music teacher.  Mr Nicholls teaches one term’s worth of music in each class across the school year, in addition to the music lessons taught by the class teacher.  He also supports all performances across the school and co-ordinates the school choir and band.


Children in year 4, 5 and 6 have a half term block of notation and theory lessons, so that all children will leave St Bernadette school with a developing knowledge of how music is written, as well as basic theory, which sets the foundation for further musical proficiency.


Whole class instrumental lessons take place in years 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6. Year 2 learn the recorder and Years 4-6 learn the ukulele.


Opportunities to Perform!


There is also plenty of opportunity for all children to perform, using their voice or a taught instrument. We have yearly performances for Reception, Year 2, Year 4 and Year 6. Children perform in their class assemblies and all year groups take part in hymn practice once a week.


Extra Musical Opportunities


A lunchtime choir is attended by over 70 children from Year 4 upwards who consistently work hard to produce fantastic performances throughout the year.  Children in Years 5 and 6 who play a musical instrument, either in or outside of school, are encouraged to join the Music club. Children are encouraged to share all of their musical talents with other pupils through performances in school and to wider audiences.  We are currently working with Local Authority to broaden our offer of instrument lessons.