St Bernadette Catholic Primary School


Engaging and Purposeful Writing Opportunities



Our aim is for pupils to have a strong command of the spoken and written word. Through daily English lessons, the children are exposed to a wide vocabulary and an understanding of grammar.

In a wide variety of lessons the children are given the opportunity to write clearly, accurately and coherently, adapting their language and style in and for a range of contexts, purposes and audiences. Some lessons do not require the children to write at all. They use discussion in order to learn. They are given speaking and listening opportunities so they are able to elaborate and explain clearly their understanding and ideas.

Children are taught to compose and transcribe in a cross curricular way and neither skill is taught in isolation but in conjunction with each other so children are confidently able to create pieces writing of a high standard. In all year groups children are taught how to plan their ideas before writing. This allows them to select and develop the appropriate vocabulary required for that genre.


Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation

Effective transcription requires children to control their speaking and writing consciously and to use Standard English. Teachers enhance pupils’ vocabulary naturally from their reading and writing. As vocabulary increases, teachers show pupils how to understand the relationships between words, how to understand nuances in meaning, and how to develop their understanding of, and ability to use, figurative language.

In Year 2 to Six the children follow the Read, Write, Ink scheme to aid in their spelling. This involves daily 15-minute lessons which revolves around partner and group practice, and competitive group challenges that help children commit new words to memory. The programme develops children’s knowledge of word families, how suffixes impact upon root words, and provides mnemonics to remember the trickiest spellings. Click here for more information on Read, Write, Ink.