St Bernadette Catholic Primary School

Our Staff

Meet our team-


Executive Head Teacher (2023-2024)

Mrs C Acres 

Safeguarding DSL, Quality of Education, Finance, Personnel and Premises 


Senior Leadership Team

Head of school (2023-2024)

Mrs R Weatherby

Safeguarding (DDSL), Standards and assessment, Inclusion, Pupil Premium Lead, 

Assistant Head Teacher

Miss J Simpson

Pupil Wellbeing lead, EYFS phase leader, PSHE and RSE lead, DDSL

Acting Assistant Head Teacher

Miss Vicky Rennie

Curriculum lead, Years 1-3 Phase leader, ECT strategic lead, Mathematics lead


Senior Management team


Phase leader & English lead

Miss Suzanne Hart


Mrs Kathryn Sams

Curriculum lead - the arts and sports

Mrs Cara Cammack

Curriculum lead - investing in technology

Miss Caroline Callender



The Foundation Stage

Phase Leader

Miss J Simpson



Mrs J Sinclair - Nursery Teacher 

Mrs C Stanton - Nursery Nurse

Mrs D Gambhir - SEND support


Miss A Wilson - RW Class Teacher

Miss J Simpson – RS Class Teacher (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday am)

Mrs K Sams ( Wednesday pm, Thursday, Friday)

Miss D Quirke - LSA (RS)

Miss E Chapman - LSA (RW)

Mrs T Kinnane - LSA (RW)

Mrs S Gilfrin - LSA (RS/RW)


Lower Phase - Years 1,2 and 3

Phase Leader

Miss V Rennie

Year 1

Miss D Smith -1S Class Teacher

Miss A Ballard - 1B Class Teacher 

Mrs T Share - SEND support

Mrs M Nagra - (1S/1B)


Year 2

Miss C Callendar - 2C Class Teacher

Miss M French - 2F Class Teacher

Mrs A Smith - SEND support

Mrs L Tarrant SEND support

Mrs H Coen - SEND support

Mrs J O'Neill - SEND support


Year 3

Mrs C Barry – 3B Class Teacher

Miss V Rennie - 3R Class Teacher

Mrs M Marandi - LSA 3R/3B

Miss K Harnett - SEND support


Upper Phase - Years 4, 5 and 6

Phase leader

Miss S Hart


Year 4

Miss S Hart - 4H Class Teacher 

Miss L Milford – 4M Class Teacher

Mrs M Marandi - LSA (4H/4)

Mrs A Scanlan - SEND support

Mrs M Ariyanayagam SEND support


Year 5

Mrs C Cammack – 5C Class Teacher

Mrs D Kelly - 5K Class Teacher

Mrs E Habrat - SEND support

Mrs C Sooriah - SEND support

Mrs L Faley - SEND support


Year 6

Miss G Watterson - 6W Class Teacher

Mr L Holbrook - 6H Class Teacher

Mrs H Pang - LSA (6M/6H)

Miss D Colyer - SEND support

Miss F Cusdin - SEND support

Mrs K Vass - Pupil premium support


Inclusion Team

Mrs R Weatherby - Inclusion lead

Mrs K Sams – SENCO

Mrs K Vass - Pastoral Care & Parent Support Lead / DSL

Ms S Liddiard - Welfare and Attendance Officer


Specialist staff

Mr D Nicholls - Music Teacher

Mr J Willingham - PE Teacher

Mrs M Szczepanek - PPA Teacher

Mrs M Gabriel -  Reception and KS1 PPA Cover


Office Staff

Mrs C Lewis- Office Manager

Mrs C Vass - Finance and Resourcing Manager

Mrs J Copeland – Finance Assistant

Mrs D Roberts - Admin Assistant

Mrs N Safarian - Admin Assistant

Mrs S Hynes - PA to the Headteacher


Breakfast Club Staff

Miss S Galvin

Mrs C Sooriah

Miss F Olusanya


Afterschool Club Staff

Miss S Galvin

Mrs J Dodla-Bhemah

Miss D Colyer

Mrs A Scanlan

Mrs A Smith


School Meals Supervisory Assistants

Mrs S Galvin - SMSA Supervisor           

Mrs D Gambhir - SMSA                       Miss F Olusanya - SMSA

Mrs S Tejeda - SMSA                          Mrs B Wilkinson - SMSA

Mrs A Scanlan - SMSA                        Mrs M Nagra - SMSA

Mrs L Faley - SMSA                            Mrs M Krawczyk - SMSA

Mrs C Sooriah - SMSA                        Mrs J O'Neill - SMSA

Mrs A Smith - SMSA                            Mrs H Coen - SMSA

Mrs E Habrat - SMSA           

Miss D Colyer - SMSA                         Miss M Abraham - SMSA 

Miss G Parrish - SMSA                        Mrs K Maisuria - SMSA


Premises Staff

Mr G Sheppard - Premises Manager

Mr M Gabriel - Premises Assistant 

Kirk and Kirk - Health and Safety Advisors

Mrs Ip Ting Wah - Premises Team Member

Mrs B Jacobs - Premises Team Member