St Bernadette Catholic Primary School

Our Staff

Come and meet our staff.


Senior Leadership Team

Head Teacher

Mrs Acres 

Deputy Head Teacher

Mrs Weatherby

Safeguarding, Teaching and Learning, Inclusion

Assistant Head Teacher

Miss Simpson

RSA, EYFS phase leader, Pupil Wellbeing, PSHCE, NQT Tutor


The Foundation Stage

Phase Leader

Miss Simpson


Nursery Teacher 

Miss Connolly - Nursery Nurse

Mrs Kinnane - LSA (part time)

Mrs Williams - LSA (part time)



Miss Simpson – RSA Class Teacher

Mrs Sinclair – RSB Class Teacher

Mrs Pierce – LSA in RSA

Mrs Stanton – LSA in RSB

Miss Kimmins - 1:1 LSA

Mrs Gilfrin -  Reception Intervention

Mrs Gabriel -  Reception and KS1 PPA Cover


Key Stage One

Phase Leader

Miss V Rennie


Year 1

Mrs Moe - 1M Class Teacher

Ms Callender - 1C Class Teacher 

Miss Massingham – Support Teacher

Mrs Nagra - LSA

Miss Chapman – LSA

Mrs Sooriah - 1:1 LSA

Miss Verdi - 1:1 LSA



Year 2

Miss Rennie - 2R Class Teacher

Miss Braham - 2C Class Teacher

Miss Massingham - Support Teacher

Mrs Nagra - LSA



Lower Key Stage Two

Phase leader 

Mrs L Varley


Year 3

Mrs Sams & Mrs Byrne – 3SB Class Teacher

Mrs Barry – 3B Class Teacher

Miss Stimson - 1:1 LSA


Year 4

Mrs Varley – 4V Class Teacher

Mrs Szczepanek - 4V (Friday's Only)

Mrs Matton – 4M Class Teacher

Miss Colyer - 1:1 LSA


Upper Key Stage Two

Phase leader

Miss Mellon


Year 5

Mrs O'Dea - 5O Class Teacher

Miss Hart – 5H Class Teacher (Head of Teaching and Learning)

Mrs Szczepanek - 5O (Wednesday's Only)

Mrs Marandi - LSA


Year 6

Miss Mellon - 6M Class Teacher

Mrs Cammack - 6C Class Teacher

Mrs Marandi - LSA

Mrs Pang - 1:1 LSA


Specialist staff

Mr Nicholls - Music Teacher

Mrs Zymanczyk - PE Teacher

Mr Canning - PE Teaching Assistant


Inclusion Team

Mrs Weatherby - Inclusion lead

Mrs Sams – SENCO

Mrs Zetter - Pupil Premium Teacher

Mrs Garcia – SEN Intervention


Welfare Assistant: Ms S Liddiard 


Office Staff

Mrs Walker - Office Manager

Mrs Vass - Finance and Resourcing Manager

Mrs Copeland – Finance Assistant

Mrs Gardiner - Admin Assistant

Mrs Safarian - Admin Assistant

Mrs Hynes - PA to the Head Teacher


Breakfast Club Staff

Mrs Stanton

Miss Galvin

Mrs Sooriah

Mrs Faley


Afterschool Club Staff

Miss Stimson

Miss Galvin

Miss Olusanya

Mrs Faley

Mrs Scanlan

Mrs Dodla-Bhemah


School Meals Supervisory Assistants

Mrs Galvin - SMSA Supervisor           


Mrs D Gambhir - SMSA

Mr Tibble - SMSA                             Miss Olusanya - SMSA

Mrs Woods - SMSA                          Mrs Tejeda - SMSA

Mrs Scanlan - SMSA                         Mrs Nagra - SMSA

Miss Stimson - SMSA                       Mrs Faley - SMSA

Mrs Sooriah - SMSA                         Mrs O'Neill - SMSA

Mrs Smith - SMSA                            Mrs Coen - SMSA

Miss Verdi - SMSA                            Miss Kimmins - SMSA

Mrs Jacobs - SMSA                           Miss Chapman - SMSA

Mr Canning                                       Miss Colyer - SMSA

Mrs Garcia - SMSA


Premises Staff

Mr Tibble - Premises Manager

Kirk and Kirk - Health and Safety Advisors

Mrs Dodla-Bhemah - Premises Team Member

Mrs Ip Ting Wah - Premises Team Member

Mrs Scanlan - Premises Team Member