St Bernadette Catholic Primary School

FGM - what is it and what is the law?

Female genital mutilation (FGM)


FGM is a crime in this country. The school is committed to working with outside agencies to ensure that our children are safe and their needs are put first. 


FGM is carried out for a number of cultural, religious and social reasons.  Whilst some families and communities believe that FGM will benefit the girl in some way, such as preparing them for marriage or childbirth, it is a harmful practice, that is not required by any religion and there are no health benefits.  (NSPCC)


It is important to note that FGM is illegal and government office has procedures in place as a mandatory duty for staff in schools, to report FGM.


In dealing with FGM it is important to be alert to the following key indicators:

  • A child’s family comes from a community that is known to practise FGM
  • A child may talk about a long holiday to a country where the practice is prevalent
  • A child may confide that she is to have a ‘special procedure’ or to attend a special occasion
  • A child may request help from a teacher of another adult


To find out more please visit the NSPCC website:

The Metropolitan Police guidance 'Safeguarding children from sexual violence, child sexual exploitation and harmful practices' can be found on the website of the National FGM Centre here: