St Bernadette Catholic Primary School

Year Three

Literacy and Reading Resources

Collins Big Cat Books

Collins Big Cat is a really great resource for reading books - please click on the link​ and refer to the user guide for how your child can access reading books. 


Maths Resources

Times Tables Rockstars

The children are familiar with this now. Keep up to date with their times table knowledge during school closures.

Foundation Subjects Resources

National Geographic 

Explore this site for lots of information of different historical and scientific topics.


This is an award-winning site that allows children to practice their computing and coding skills. This is free for home users during school closures.


This website provides interactive games for children of all ages. 84 games are free of charge.

Code Camp World


During school closures, Code Camp has created lesson plans for children aged 7-12 to follow along independently. Parents will be able to access these lesson plans by going to and entering their details. The resources will then be sent to them immediately. 


Crash Course Kids

This is a great Youtube channel that explores different scientific concepts and topics.