St Bernadette Catholic Primary School

Positive mental health & well-being

Family Support Newsletter Jan 2021

Children’s social, emotional and mental health development is a key factor when it comes to readiness to learn. We are keen to support, nurture and develop this at St Bernadette in a variety of ways. This is developed firstly through our PSHCE curriculum, which is taught throughout the school from Nursery to year 6. All year groups are taught according to the themes of Relationships, Living in the Wider world and Health and Well-being.  


In addition to this, we have specialist staff and specific interventions for children across the school. Interventions are selected and adapted to each child’s needs.


  • Zones of regulation-Using a whole school approach to identify, understand and

voice their feelings and emotions.


  • On site Learning Mentor who is responsible for helping children overcome barriers to learning working 1:1 with children inside and outside the classroom


  • ELSA- (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant)-  A fully trained ELSA to support children with developing and managing feelings and emotions.

Innovating minds-Healing Together

Newly qualified, Healing Together Practitioner Mrs Vass, can now support children with an inspirational programme that has a focus on teaching children to use their minds and their bodies together, allowing them to feel safe and calm.  

The programme consists on 6 sessions which take place in a quiet area of school.  

For anymore information about this new and exciting programme please email Mrs Vass at 

or go onto the Healing Together website blog- Link below

At St Bernadette we promote positive mental health and well-being.  Please take a look and try some of these ideas to support you and you children.