St Bernadette Catholic Primary School

Big Cat Reading for Reception, KS1 and Year 3

Dear parents of Reception, KS1 and year 3 children,


The school has subscribed to Collins Connect, which gives us access to reading books within the Collins Big Cat scheme. This scheme is one that we use in school, and children may be familiar with some of the titles already. 

To continue to support your child/ren with their reading while we are closed. Please check your email for the link to the website. 


If you are unsure of what colour books your child is reading, check the colour sticker or marker on the reading books they have brought home.  


Year 3 parents, please note that the books on the website go up to lime colour, and some children may be reading beyond this level. If so, don't forget that children can read any books, not just books from a reading scheme.

There are also other colour coded reading books available on Oxford Owl (free to subscribe to) and other websites. If you find any that you would recommend to other parents, please email me at: and I will email any links to all parents. 

Happy reading and stay safe.

Miss Simpson