St Bernadette Catholic Primary School


It is a primary aim of our school that every member of the school community learns to value themselves and each other with Christ as our guide. We are a caring community, whose values are built on the Gospel values of Jesus Christ.


At St. Bernadette School we want to make sure that all our children are happy and one way in which we can achieve this is to encourage good behaviour. Positive behaviour is promoted through active development of pupils social, emotional and behavioural skills, which are fostered in the first instance through our PSHCE scheme of work.


We have a set of Golden rules, but our behaviour policy is not primarily concerned with rule enforcement. It is a means of promoting good relationships, so that people can work together with the common purpose of helping everyone to learn.


Our Golden Rules

Work hard

Listen to people

Be honest

Respect yourself and others

Be gentle, kind and helpful

Look after the environment


The school expects every member of the school community to behave in a considerate and respectful way towards others. We treat all children fairly and apply our behaviour policy in a consistent way.


The school recognises and promotes good behaviour, as it believes that this will develop an ethos of kindness and cooperation. Our behaviour policy is designed to encourage good behaviour, rather than merely deter anti-social behaviour.